SHAPE (Shaping Health As Partners in Education)


SHAPE Newsletter - Autumn 2014 (PDF)
SHAPE pioneers share their stories in this final SHAPE Newsletter. In addition, new resources, research, training, and funding opportunities are provided to continue building effective school and community partnerships.

SHAPE Newsletter - June 2014 (PDF)
Gather new ideas to support school meal programs through effective partnerships within schools and the community.

SHAPE Newsletter - April 2014 (PDF)
Connect with effective nutrition education strategies, materials, and best practices in this SHAPE newsletter.

SHAPE Newsletter - February 2014 (PDF)
Get innovative ideas and tools to promote your school meal program and its benefits to your students, school, and community.

SHAPE Newsletter - January 2014 (PDF)
Find School Wellness Policy development and implementation ideas.

SHAPE Newsletter - October 2013 (PDF)
Get information about the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement.

SHAPE Newsletter - June 2013 (PDF)
Learn about after school snack and supper programs.

SHAPE Newsletter - April 2013 (PDF)
Find out about salad bars and gardens in schools.

SHAPE Newsletter - February 2013 (PDF)
Check out resources about MyPlate and portion control.

SHAPE Newsletter - December 2012 (PDF)
Get ideas and information about including more whole grains in your school meal program.

The California Department of Education’s Nutrition Services Division (NSD) created this newsletter to provide SHAPE agencies with information, opportunities, and ideas to assist their ongoing development of healthier school environments. The bimonthly newsletter offers information about training and funding opportunities, initiatives, useful resources, research, and policies. In addition, it provides SHAPE agencies an opportunity to share best practices with others. Learn more about SHAPE.

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